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About Gold Seal Certification

The Gold Seal Certification program was created by the industry for the industry. It has quickly become a standardized

program supporting the development of skilled and serious Construction & Heavy Civil management professionals across Canada. 

The Gold Seal Certification program upholds Canadian Heavy Civil & Construction management professionals to expectations and standards of excellence. All Gold Seal certified management professionals have been assessed and meet the Gold Seal standard requirements of industry knowledge, experience, education and training. Gold Seal is a national construction standard of certification, displaying a desire to uphold and distinguish one’s competency in Construction or Heavy Civil management above all others.


All those who meet the Gold Seal expectations of excellence receive a Gold Seal Certificate as well as a Gold Seal hard hat decal attesting to their success.


Our mission is to ensure that all construction management professionals are qualified, educated, skilled, and maintain a Canada-wide expectation for excellence. We wish to ensure professional development be available for all future management professionals to maintain long-term standards in quality.



  • Excellence

    • Employers can expect excellence from certified individuals involved in any Construction and Heavy Civil projects nation-wide.

  • Assurance

    • Employers and employees can be assured that those certified with Gold Seal are educated, experienced and skilled.

  • Reliability

    • Gold Seal Certification is evidence that the individual has met the necessary requirements to perform their role.

  • Value

    • Gold Seal is a widely recognized and respected standard by the buyers of construction and employers in the Canadian Construction and Heavy Civil industry.

  • Career Benefit

    • Gold Seal Certification is advantageous to all those who’ve earned it creating wider possibilities of job opportunities.


  • Education is a key part of the Gold Seal Certification program. Credits toward your Gold Seal Certified (GSC) or Professional, Gold Seal Certified (P.GSC) designations can be earned through a variety of educational offerings – from seminars of as few as six hours to 30 hour courses to technician/technologist or engineering programs.

  • Gold Seal applicants can take, and submit, courses from any colleges, universities, private agencies, construction associations, etc., as long as they meet the criteria.

  • Most of these credits fall under the category of Special Industry Courses (SICs). SICs must be managerial in focus and apply specifically to the construction sector.

Gold Seal Website

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