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Building Construction - Putting It All Together

Every road that you drive on, every school that you attend, every office that you work in and every hospital that you receive care at was designed and built by the people in the construction industry.


Construction is a team effort with owners, contractors, architects, and subcontractors performing key functions throughout the lifecycle of a project. This workshop delivers a step-by-step review of the project lifecycle, from initiation through close-out, with specific attention to the unique roles and responsibilities of these stakeholders at each phase of the project.


                       Project Initiation......Design......Tendering......Pre-Construction......Construction......Project Closeout......Owner Occupancy


Throughout the workshop you will understand the processes and procedures of a construction project and how they all fit together by examining the roles and responsibilities of the primary stakeholders as it all relates to the following:

Introduction to the Industry                                                                                          Project Initiation – The Owner’s Perspective

   - Construction sectors                                                                                                  - Financial planning                                                                                           - Stakeholders and their roles in the construction process                               - Feasibility Studies

   - Different stages of construction from development through design           - Functional Programming

The Design Process – The Architect’s Role                                                                  The Tendering Process – Owner & Contractor Perspectives

Role of the architect through phases of the design process:                                    - Intro to construction contracts & Canadian tendering law   

   - Pre-design                                                                                                                           - The competitive tendering process and RFP’s                                   - Schematic design                                                                                                              - General contractor: estimating process

   - Design development                                                                                                        - Owner: receiving & reviewing tenders

   - Construction documents

Pre-construction –GC, Architect & Subcontractor Roles                                        Construction –GC, Architect, Owner & Subcontractor Roles             

   - General Contractor: Company organization, organizing the project by        - GC: all processes required to execute a construction project              creating a Construction Execution Plan, Social Responsibility Plan                 including mobilization, changes, monitoring schedule, delays &

   - Architect: reviews agreements, schedules, organizes meetings                        claims, payment, submittals, project deliverables meetings, 

   - Subcontractor: Reviews subcontract & scope of work, obtains insurances    & inspection, closeout & more

      and bonds                                                                                                                       - Architect: contract administration, changes, submittals,                                                                                                                                                                 general review, deficiencies & more

                                                                                                                                                - Owner: Cooperates with GC, payments, meetings, cash                                                                                                                                                                     allowances, changes & more

                                                                                                                                                - Subcontractor: mobilization, managing schedule, labour,                                                                                                                                                                 materials & equipment, payments, changes, quality,                                                                                                                                                                         deficiencies & more

Post Construction –GC, Architect, Owner & Subcontractor Roles

   - General Contractor: close out of subcontractors, owner and internally,

     final commissioning & warranty

   - Architect: takeover procedures, commissioning & warranty

   - Owner: own FFE, final payments, warranty and operational readiness

   - Subcontractor: close out of sub-subcontractor & suppliers, reconcile

     financials with GC, respond to warranty issues


Exclusive to this workshop is a comprehensive 390+ page manual that is used as a reference and guide throughout the sessions. The manual is based on the accumulated knowledge and experience gathered over 40 years in the construction industry. It is a valuable and effective tool that will be your construction knowledge go-to.


Who Should Attend:

Subcontractors, general contractors, project managers/coordinators, superintendents, foremen, engineers, owners, municipalities, procurement professionals, operations and administration personnel in the construction industry.  


This workshop is also extremely valuable to those who are new to the country and pursuing a career in construction as well as those who may be newly transitioning into the construction industry.

This workshop is Gold Seal accredited.

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